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Is Your Dog Becoming To You? Or Should He Be Coming To Me For Sheer Delight?
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Pet Supplies

Pet Accessories

Top-Quality Accessories for Your Dog!

Turn to us if you’re looking for some cute and high-quality accessories for your adorable pet. Even though we're mainly a pet resort and grooming facility, we also have numerous pet items for sale. The Cut Above has plenty of accessories to keep you and your pooch happy!

From dog beds and leashes to shampoos that smell fabulous, you'll have a lot to choose from! Visit us.

Shop Medicated Shampoos and Flea Medicine for Your Dogs

If you’re looking for something that you can use to keep your pet smelling fresh between grooming appointments, we have a shampoo that'll make your dog look and smell great! We also have flea preventatives brand include Frontline and others for sale, which is ideal for preventing fleas and ticks from invading your loyal canine.

We Can Provide You With Quality Dog Collars and Leashes

If you're looking for a quality, new collar for your pet, look no further than us. Our collars and leashes come in a variety of different colors, styles, and sizes, giving you plenty to choose from. Keep your pets safe and warm with a harness or a new sweater.

Try one after your pet's appointment today!

We Carry Soft and Comfortable Dog Beds and Other Accessories

We also carry an assortment of dog beds, toys, and food bowls that your pet will love. Our wide assortment of toys will suit any dog, and our dog beds provide the perfect spot for your sweet dog to curl up and take a nap.
Pet Accessories

Find Out More About Our Dog Grooming Services

While shopping for some cool, new accessories and toys for your dog, you can schedule an appointment to get it pampered and feeling great! We’ll give your dog a shampoo, haircut, manicure, and even a massage as well.

We provide all-day spa services and maintenance appointments. Frontline and Advantix, as well as holistic flea prevention, are also available with us for purchase. Be sure to give us a call today and schedule an appointment! We can’t wait to meet you and your dog!
Visit us at 168 Myrtle Blvd for top-grade pet accessories.
From dog collars to dog beds, we have them all.
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